The Chamber endorses an energy policy that makes paramount the goal of lowering the cost of power and fuel. With this as a priority, it also makes sense to pursue strategic investments in alternative energy. And policy makers should bear in mind that many, though not all, conservation initiatives can be the least expensive means for meeting our energy needs. To that end, the Chamber supports:

  • Continued discussion of creating an energy corridor through Maine that will benefit Maine citizens and ratepayers as well as exploring whether Canadian power can be a source of less-expensive energy for Maine.
  • Development of natural gas supplies in the Northeast United States and Eastern Canada.
  • Regulatory reforms that lower transmission and delivery costs for business.
  • Research and development of offshore wind generation, bio-fuel manufacturing technologies and geothermal systems as well as the application of alternative energy in transportation.
  • Development and deployment of energy conservation and efficiency techniques and strategies, including those of the Efficiency Maine Trust as well as policies that encourage business to upgrade old, inefficient boiler systems.