Levant is a small, thriving community, located within a short commute from Bangor (about 10 minutes). Some parts of Levant are located only two and a half miles from Bangor, but most of the town lies five to ten miles west of the city. Surrounding towns are Corinth to the north, Kenduskeag and Glenburn to the east, Carmel and Hermon to the south, and Stetson on the west.

Levant has enjoyed continuous real estate development, with agricultural fields and second growth forests giving way to residential development. Undeveloped woodland and fields provide unlimited recreation for many outdoor activities. The clear waters are enjoyed by anglers, canoeists, trappers, and snowmobilers.


Incorporated June 14, 1813. Virgin pine forests, fertile soils, and the potential water power from elevations along Black Stream drew early pioneers to settle the area now known as Levant prior to 1786. Moss-covered granite blocks from pioneer mill sites along Black Stream attest to the town's early lumber industries.