...Connecting Young Professionals to the Bangor Region


Our mission is to connect the area’s young professionals to each other and the community.

Engage with the community and transform Bangor into the preferred place to live, work and play. Form a network of support among young residents and urge those poised to leave to realize opportunity in the Bangor region. Support programs, initiatives and events that enhance the vitality of the region for its young professionals. Help make the Bangor region more attractive economically, culturally and aesthetically.

Fusion Bangor was inspired by the original FUSION program (www.fusionsj.com) initiated in Saint John New Brunswick to promote networking and activism among Greater Saint John residents aged 19 - 40. The idea was exported during the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce's efforts to revitalize Bangor's Sister City relationship with Saint John. Stephanie Bell, the program's originator in New Brunswick has advised Chamber staff on starting the program.

Fusion constantly strives to connect young people to our region by coordinating a variety of events, programming and initiatives or collaborating with what is already happening in our community. We also collaborate with other local organizations to spread the word about what is happening in the region. Fusion programs and events include:

  • Newcomer’s Night: A free gathering that offers a warm welcome of newcomers to Fusion and/or the Bangor area. Young professionals can come to learn more about Fusion, how to get involved in the community, and network with other Fusion members. 
  • Downtown Proud: We’re Fusion Bangor, and We’re Downtown Proud! Downtown Proud is all about taking pride in our region’s downtown communities and doing what we can to sustain and grow their vitality and attractiveness. We connection young professionals to downtown communities, particularly Bangor, through clean-ups, volunteer projects, open houses and downtown socials.
  • Fusion Sports: Forge new connections and enjoy recreation and sportsmanship through Fusion Sports! Our newest program began with a dodgeball league in the spring, and we will be launching kickball in the fall.

The best ways to stay up to date with what Fusion is doing is through Facebook and by filling out an online  membership application. Please email programs@bangorregion.com with any questions.