...Good Health is Good Business


The Wellness Council of Maine (WLCME) is a worksite wellness initiative that provides leadership, guidance and support for the Maine business community to develop, enhance or bring recognition to workplace wellness initiatives. Our mission is to advance and promote good health among employees statewide so that the business community can maintain productive workforces to help them thrive and prosper.

We feel that the health of Maine's economy is tied to the health of our workforce. We work with businesses of all sizes to build programs and engage employees in their health. Through our national partner, the National Wellness Institute, Wellness Council of Maine members can take advantage of a multitude of online benefits including webinars, professional publications, behavior change guides, wellness news and more. All of it helps your business to further health and wellness in the workplace. When you join Wellness Council of Maine, you are also joining the National Wellness Institute! The two-for-one membership is a significant benefit.

Why Worksite Wellness?

People spend most of their waking hours at work.

  • Employees are a company's most valuable asset.

  • Healthier employees can lead to increased productivity.

  • Healthier employees tend to use less sick leave leading to reduced absenteeism.

  • Effective Worksite Wellness Programs can reduce the use and cost of health benefits.

  • Companies can experience lower turnover rates, thus reducing the high cost of recruitment and training.

  • Participating in wellness activities can improve employee morale.

  • Companies can experience a return on their investment with effective worksite wellness programs.

Project Goals:

It is our vision to assist all communities throughout Maine to become healthy communities by:

  • Consulting with companies and communities to develop and improve their worksite wellness programs.

  • Educating companies in the Well Workplace model.

  • Recognizing companies who achieve excellence in employee health promotion in designation as one of "America's Healthiest Companies" through the Well Workplace Award

How a Wellness Council of Maine Membership Can Help:

  • Easy access to valuable health promotion resources through the National Wellness Institute. The ability to network, share ideas and best practices through the National Wellness Institute's online networking system.
  • Consultation, guidance and assistance from the WLCME Executive Director, who is well-versed in wellness trends, research, programming and resources.
  • Networking with leaders in worksite health promotion at WLCME events, including the Small Business Workplace Wellness Conference and the Workplace Wellness Leadership Symposium.
For more information visit: www.wellnesscouncilofmaine.org