Research and Development / Commercialization

The future of the Bangor Region’s economy is tied closely to investments in research, development and commercialization and should be advanced by productive public-private partnerships. To that end, the Chamber supports:
  • Execution of the state’s 2010 Science & Technology Action Plan calling for “an environment where science, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship stimulate Maine’s economy” as well as the goal of R& D activity equaling 3 percent of gross state product by 2015.
  • Adoption of a $50 million 2013-2014 bond package that would further enhance Maine’s research & development / commercialization infrastructure.
  • Fully leveraging the work of the Blackstone Accelerates Growth initiative aimed at improving the prospects for scalable, growth-oriented businesses in our region.
  • Promotion of private sector support of research & development / commercialization with fixed, short-term (4-16 weeks), paid, business learning experiences for qualified college and university students.