Regional Collaboration

Regional collaboration offers the opportunity to use public, private and nonprofit resources more effectively, but Maine’s long tradition of local control places a high value on local-decision making. Still, the possibilities for regionalization remain tantalizing. To that end, the Chamber supports:

  • A continued emphasis on regional, public-private economic development efforts, including the creation of a shared vision among those entities looking to grow the economy of the Bangor Region.
  • Further collaboration among higher education institutions in our region.
  • Cooperative efforts among regional health care providers to improve quality and cuts costs through the Bangor Beacon and the resulting accountable care organization, including furthering community and workplace wellness.
  • Efforts by local governments to seek collaborations, affiliations, and where feasible, consolidation of services – even those services seen as the traditional province of municipalities.
  • An awareness and discussion of the impacts of substance abuse and the crime that surrounds it with eye toward solutions with a practical positive impact on the region.