An important part of fulfilling the Chamber's mission "To promote and advance a vital, healthy business environment" involves advocating for public policy that will help our region prosper and grow.

Rather than react to what policy makers propose, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce seeks to define its agenda and bring it forward.

"Issues of Impact" outlines the policies that the Chamber believes will most help its members. Drafted in the Chamber's Governmental Affairs Committee, the document was endorsed by the Chamber's Board of Directors.

Issues of Impact


Health care remains a chief concern among employers as a significant cost of doing business and a driver of public-sector costs.  To that end, the Chamber supports:  Continued implementation...

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The Chamber endorses an energy policy that makes paramount the goal of lowering the cost of power and fuel. With this as a priority, it also makes sense to pursue strategic investments in alternative...

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The tax burden on Maine businesses is too high, and the tax structure here discourages growth. Maine cannot continue with an outdated and anti-growth system of taxation. To that end, the Chamber supports: ...

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Education and Workforce Development

Educational opportunity and achievement are essential to the region’s economic health and quality of life.  Without an educated workforce and diligent efforts to develop the pipeline of workers...

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Research and Development / Commercialization

The future of the Bangor Region’s economy is tied closely to investments in research, development and commercialization and should be advanced by productive public-private partnerships. To that end,...

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Regional Collaboration

Regional collaboration offers the opportunity to use public, private and nonprofit resources more effectively, but Maine’s long tradition of local control places a high value on local-decision making....

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Transportation is a key component of economic growth, and as such the Chamber supports making investments in our transportation infrastructural a priority. To that end, the Chamber supports: ...

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Broadband Development

Broadband capacity is now a critical component to economic development and is emerging as a strength within the region. This technology holds the promise of eliminating geography as a concern with...

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The Chamber regards housing as a critical social and economic issue directly affecting economic development. By encouraging the creation of affordable, quality housing and by achieving higher...

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