A three-year Strategic Vision

Mission and Purpose

Mission: To promote and advance a vital, healthy business environment.

Purpose: The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce is organized to stimulate regional prosperity. This purpose will be advanced by (1) encouraging and advocating for the retention, growth and expansion of local businesses; (2) supporting the attraction and community involvement of new businesses; and (3) actively promoting and advocating for the continued improvement of the economic, social and cultural climate of the region.

Our 2014-2016 Vision

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will promote and enhance a vital, healthy business environment by growing and engaging membership, advocating for economic development, providing outstanding services and programs, maintaining a high-performing organization and communicating effectively.

Pillar I: Membership

Through its membership, the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will be Maine’s most valued and most active regional chamber of commerce.


  • Articulate the value proposition for existing and new members.

  • Achieve membership to meet or exceed industry standards, specifically reaching 1,000 members by the end of calendar year 2016.

  • Promote exceptional member engagement through active participation, raising the rate of participation by the end of 2016 to where two-thirds of members engage in at least one Chamber activity or event each year.

  • Improve retention and growth through above strategies.

Pillar II: Advocacy and Economic Development

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will be Maine’s strongest regional advocacy organization, actively supporting the growth and expansion of businesses in the region.


  • Advocate for business and economic interests and celebrate successes.

  • Develop and communicate a framework for business advocacy.

  • Collaborate with economic development partners to achieve synergy and get results.

  • Use the Business Action Committee to execute specific initiatives/tactics while remaining nimble for opportunities or threats.

Pillar III: Member Services and Regional Resource Development

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will offer professional and organizational development programs that provide exceptional value to members.


  • Evaluate programs to measure timeliness, relevance, sustainability and mission.

  • Assure the Chamber’s role in advancing young and mid-career professionals and connect them to the chamber over a long-term career path.

  • Develop and evaluate chamber services and events based on member satisfaction, focusing on exceptional experiences.

  • Maintain the size and impact of events and achieve growth where possible, specifically growing breakfast attendance by 50 percent by the end of 2016.

Pillar IV: Chamber Resources, People & Finance

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will be a high performing, financially sound organization.


  • Maximize the use of volunteer resources especially through well-targeted committee structures.

  • Reward, recognize, retain strong mid-level staff; provide a flexible, challenging, inspirational work environment.

  • New location – Hold a visioning process with community leaders to address visibility, social access, staff satisfaction, brand and member connectivity.

  • Grow financial strength using services, programs and membership and non-dues revenue as engines for stability while carefully managing expenditures.

Pillar V: Communications and Marketing

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce will provide excellent outreach in the form of print, broadcast and electronic media without compromising face-to-face relationship building to community stakeholders on behalf of its membership.


  • Maximize member communications while evaluating effectiveness with members.

  • Lead in the use of social media and current technologies.

  • Lead in gathering business and civic leaders in face-to-face encounters to inform and build relationships.

Optimize relationships with news media to establish the Chamber brand.