52073 Main Road, Ste. A,
(207) 843-6217

Population: 1,683

Area: 44.3 square miles

Distance to Bangor: 12.2 miles

Median home price: $185,250

Median household income: $66,136

Fire (non-emergency): (207) 843-7530

School Department: (207) 843-6498

Kathy Lawson, Principal
2065 Main Road

Dedham has an interesting historical origination, as it is located on the old stage route running from Bangor to Ellsworth, known at present as Route 1A.

The town hails a group of mountains. With Bald Mountain the highest at 1261 feet above sea level. Here ten mountains are clustered. Also known as the “Switzerland of America”, these mountains are mostly of porphyrityc granite, and are for the most part, wooded.

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