1084 Main Street, Veazie
(207) 947-2781

Population: 1,865

Area: 3.22 square miles

Distance to Bangor: 4.6 miles

Median home price: $141,500

Median household income: $48,950

Fire (non-emergency): (207) 945-5627

Police (non-emergency): (207) 947-2358

School Department: (207) 947-6573

983 Hudson Road, Glenburn
Thomas Perry,
Superintendant of Schools

Bordered by Bangor to the south and Orono to the north, Veazie enjoys a reputation as a small community that highly prizes education for its students and a quiet lifestyle for its 1,600 residents.

Most people who live here work in Bangor or Orono, but return home to a town that’s sandwiched between river and forest.


Incorporated March 6, 1853 Veazie borders the city of Bangor to the north, along U.S. Route 2 or I-95 which proceed through the town to points north such as Orono. The town was founded by General Samuel Veazie who was granted property along the western shores of the Penobscot River in honour of his services during the American Revolution. While its economic history is one of lumber and wood products, the 20th century has seen the town emerge as a bedroom, residential area; a preferred community for many of those employed in the area’s larger towns and cities.

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