FUSION:Bangor is the area’s networking group of engaged residents. The organization works to connect the residents of the area to each other, engage with the community and transform the Bangor region into the preferred place to live, work and play in Maine.

Meet our Steering Committee

Founded in 2005, FUSION:Bangor is a program of the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce. It was modeled after its Canadian sister organization, FUSION Saint John, and played an important role in the Chamber’s initiative to foster stronger business relations with New Brunswick. It later became a member of the Realize Maine Network, which works to attract and retain young professionals throughout Maine. Realize Maine is a program of the Maine Development Foundation and consists of eight groups throughout the state.

Since 2005, FUSION has played an instrumental role in shaping the Bangor region into a vital place for young professionals. It regularly offers social, civic, volunteer and professional opportunities for community members, and plays an active role in collaborating with local businesses and organizations.

You can get involved with FUSION:Bangor by coming to one or many of our program events! Newcomer’s Night, Feed Your Brain, Happy Hour Socials, and our FUSION:Sports programs. We will have members of our Steering Committee and Sub Committees present at each of our events to welcome you and connect you with other members.

Follow FUSION:Bangor on social media and use #FUSIONBangor to connect with others in the community. For more information, please visit our website

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