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The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce is committed to advocating on behalf of our members and the 21 communities we serve.   What follows is a description of how our advocacy efforts work and how you can be part of it:

The chamber’s “Governmental Affairs Committee” convenes monthly to review issues that are being discussed at the state and national level that impact our member businesses and the region.   The committee assesses the status of the issue and determines next steps that may include:

  • Continue to follow and research the issue
  • Invite “experts” on the matter to present info to the committee/board/members
  • Discuss with member businesses outside of the committee to gather input/opinion
  • Present it to the Board of Directors for further discussion
  • Contact our representatives
  • Add it to the agenda for an upcoming “Hot Stove” session
  • Make it an “Early Bird Breakfast” topic

Issues that are presented to the Board of Directors are then discussed and several outcomes may occur:

  • The Board may choose to wait and follow the issue as it develops
  • They may choose to take a position regarding an issue
  • They may choose to reach out to those closely connected with the issue (local reps, legislators, etc.)
  • They Board may decide not to take a position, but rather inform our members about the issue and whom to contact

Our Governmental Affairs Committee and Board of Directors are made up of a diverse group of individuals, businesses and perspectives.   We strive to insure diversity on our committees and Boards to best represent our membership.  We encourage you, if you are interested or have an opinion about an issue to participate in the process.

  • Contact any member of the Board of Directors or President of the chamber
  • Attend “Governmental Affairs Committee” meetings
  • Attend “Hot Stove” and “Early Bird Breakfast” events







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