Ribbon Cutting

The Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce provides ribbon cuttings as a complementary service to our members in support of the local business community. Ribbon cuttings are usually planned for business expansion, relocation, grand opening, changed ownership/under new management or breaking ground.  We want to work with you to make your event a success!

The following guidelines and suggestions will assist you in planning a successful ribbon cutting ceremony. 


What can you do to ensure your event is a success!

  • Invite your customers, partners, local businesses and town officials.
  • Send a news release to local media outlets and to the chamber. 
  • Post, post and post again on social media!
  • Prepare your business to look it’s best.
  • If applicable, have your staff offer tours of your business.
  • Prepare your remarks for the ribbon cutting event.

Self-Promotion Checklist- The following are some key promotional requirements for a successful event.  These items also help the BRCC to promote your event: 

  • A written Press Release
    (for help writing one, check out the following resources: https://tinyurl.com/rvn2txu )
  • A Facebook Event page or an event-specific landing page on your website
  • A written agenda, including anyone who will be speaking

What to Expect from the Chamber for Ribbon Cuttings

  • The BRCC representative that attends your event will bring large gold scissors and red ribbon, and will be able to offer prepared words of congratulations.  
  • They will also speak to the media if you’d like for them to do so.  If your event is promoted far enough in advance, local media may attend.  The BRCC will also help to promote your event, as long as the self-promotion checklist is followed. 

Setting the Time & Date 

  • Ribbon cuttings should be scheduled at least two weeks prior to the date of the event. Choose a date that avoids major conflict with community events or holidays. We will try our best to support your event with representation Monday to Friday between 9 to 5. Outside of these times we cannot guarantee chamber representation.  We find that most ribbon cutting ceremonies will generate good attendance if they occur either at lunch time or late afternoon (4 to 5 pm).

Let’s get started planning your event!   


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