BIG GIG will inspire & teach you!

This week I had the privilege to be a judge for the first BIG GIG event of the season.  The event was held at the Bangor Chamber and filled the house!   If you have never attended a BIG GIG event, I strongly encourage you to do so!   This event drew people from as far away as Northeast Harbor and Augusta, many UMaine students and faculty,  members of the Chamber and business leaders, investors and more.  A diverse group came to hear three “pitches” and to vote for a winner!

The “pitchers” each had 5 minutes – only 5 minutes to “pitch” their products.  The products included learning kits for home schoolers, a medical device with great potential and an innovative product to charge your phone.

Huge kudos to the “pitchers” who stood up in front of a crowded room and made their “pitch”.   Clearly they had all practiced as they did a fantastic job describing their product, the problem they were solving, the market opportunity and how they would use the money if they won!   The winner of the evening took home $500 bucks and will vie for the chance to be the overall winner of $5,000!

As judges it was our job to provide positive feedback and advice to further improve their pitch.  At the end of the 3 “pitches” the judges cast ballots as did the members of the audience and a winner was announced!   While the votes were being counted, we had the great opportunity to hear from the evenings keynote speaker, Heather Furth from Woodman’s, OBC, Verve and many other enterprises.   Heather shared the lessons she has learned through her journey as an entrepreneur.  She was fantastic!

Here are my TOP 3 reasons for attending a BIG GIG in the future:

1.  Networking with a diverse mix of people

2.  Learn about exciting businesses and innovation in our region

3.  Take away tips to help YOU perfect your “PITCH”

I guarantee that if you attend a BIG GIG event you will be glad you did.  You will leave feeling inspired!  The next BIG GIG event:  December 5th at Governors in Old Town from 5:30 – 7:00 pm.  Go here to learn more about attending or to learn how YOU can pitch your product or service at an upcoming BIG GIG.









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