Can we help you find your perfect match?

Matchmaker, matchmaker… chamber make me a match

When you think of the chamber, you may not think of us as a “matchmaker”, but we in fact are!   Not a day goes by that our team is not working behind the scenes to “match” someone together. 

We match member businesses to other member businesses who are looking for specific goods, expertise or services.  We match members with opportunities to showcase their business including answering requests from the media who want to tell their story.  We match members when they wish to donate to or support a business or nonprofit in our region.

These last eleven months we have matched members with the resources they need to survive this pandemic and to our state and federal leaders crafting policy and programs to assist small businesses.

We often receive emails that begin with, “Can you connect me to or do you know someone who…?”.  

Visitors planning a trip.  Real estate developers.  Companies interested in relocating their headquarters.  Out of state parents sending their children to college.   Young professionals who can now live here and work remotely and soon to retire professionals who want to establish roots here.  Their first point of contact in a new community is often the chamber of commerce.  We match them with the people, places and resources they need.

We match people seeking educational and leadership development opportunities with the right institution, workshop or program best suited for them.  We receive resumes from job seekers and job openings from employers.  Just last month, it was my pleasure to help match a job seeker with a job.  It was the perfect match for both of them!

Our matchmaking efforts may go unnoticed, given this work is behind the scenes and often private and confidential.  For us, it is one of the most satisfying parts of the work we do.  We are here to help you and your business find the perfect match, whomever, whatever, wherever and whenever it may be.  Reach out!   We are happy to help you find your perfect match!


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