HR Conference Presentations – October 25, 2017

Thanks to everyone who attended our HR Conference today.  What a great event!   We are so grateful to you for your attendance and participation.  Thank you to our presenters and sponsors as well:  Predictive Success and Bangor Area Staffing Solutions!

Here you will find the presentations and power points from some of the sessions and a brief survey.  Please take a moment and give us your feedback.  We are already thinking about our plans for 2018 and your feedback will be a huge help to us!

Early Bird Breakfast Keynote Presentation  David Pease, Bangor Savings Bank

How to improve morale and reduce conflict  Mike Brown, EJ Prescott

Beyond the performance review – creating a culture of coaching  Natalie Brown, EMDC

Why encouraging workplace wellness is good for your bottom line:  

Employee wellness program development links

The wellness wheel

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness – Habits for Massive Impact

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness – QuickStart Program

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