Lessons learned from a spider

This may seem a lot weird and creepy – but, for the last several months, I have been obsessed watching a spider in my kitchen window.   It is now part of my morning routine, to pour a cup of coffee and “check on spider”.    Over the course of my “spider watching” I have learned lessons about preparation, patience, adaptation, and luck.

I have witnessed spider weave a complex web and then sit and wait… and wait… and wait.   Waiting to catch that fly, moth or bee that will feed and sustain her.  Many days may go by, yet she prepares and she waits.   I have heard it said that “luck”is a result of preparation.  Take for example, musicians who become an “overnight success”.  Yet, for many years, they were paying their dues in small venues and living out of their car.  But when that lucky break came their way, they were prepared for it!

Spider has also taught me about making adjustments and adapting to change.  I have seen her work on her web every day to improve her chances for survival.   As the sun began to set lower in the sky with the change in the seasons, she moved her web to catch more rays, warmth and daylight.   Spider would never survive without adapting to change by making constant adjustments.

So what have I learned from my spider friend that an be applied to your business?

  1.  Change is a constant: adapt, adjust or die
  2.  Patience can lead to big rewards
  3.  Take the time to prepare so you are ready to catch YOUR lucky break!


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