…and the envelope please!

Welcome to 2018!   Chamber staff reconvened today and kicked off the new year opening envelopes!   Last year, at this time I asked every member of the team to write down one goal for 2017 that was personal and one goal that was professional.  We placed those goals in envelopes and I kept them hidden until today when we all opened up our envelopes and read what we wrote.

Some of our goals were achieved, but many were not and some are ongoing.  So, some of us are putting those same goals back in the envelopes to open again in 2019 and adding a few more.   We discussed what took place in 2017 that was unexpected and how we achieved many goals we could not have predicted when we set our goals in the new year.

This is a fun exercise to help you and your team greet the new year and reflect on what you planned to accomplish, what you did accomplish, what you did not and what your goals are for the coming year.

Give it a try and let me know in the comments how it worked for you!

Happy New Year and new GOALS!







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