10 reasons to shop local this season (and every season)

As we enter the busy holiday shopping season, you will hear a lot about “shopping local”. Back in the day, that is what we all did because that was the only option. That is so not the case today! No doubt your email is now full of Black Friday and other offers to entice you to BUY!

STOP!  Before you start your shopping, make your list and check it twice.  Ask yourself these questions:  Can I purchase that item locally?  Can I add gifts to my list that I can purchase locally?

Yes, we all know it’s easy and convenient to sit on the couch, browse and hit a button that will deliver items right to our door.  It is the world we live in today and sometimes necessary for a number of reasons.

But, we can all make a conscious and thoughtful effort to hit that “buy” button less often, get off the couch and buy more from our friends and neighbors.

Here are 10 reasons to shop local this season and every season:

  1. When money stays local, you are keeping a shop open and keeping employees and owners in business and employed!
  2. Shopping local recirculates dollars back into our local economy, keeping our community healthy!
  3. Local business owners are re-investing in our own community.  They live here and contribute their time, talent and dollars to our community.
  4. By supporting local businesses, you are encouraging entrepreneurs to open more businesses, thereby creating more options, healthy competition and a more vibrant and diverse community.
  5. When you “go out” to shop local it becomes a memorable “event” and gets you in the “spirit”.  Invite a friend, have coffee or lunch (more local spending) and make it a special day out.
  6. You will find unique items that you won’t find anywhere else.
  7. You get to pick-up, touch, smell and try stuff on!  If you change your mind, returns are easy.
  8. You will experience “customer service” from “real” people who can help you find that perfect gift, wrap it for you and maybe even treat you to hot chocolate!
  9. You can find some really good deals and perhaps negotiate some better ones!
  10.  It feels good to know you made a difference!

Last year I bought a puzzle from a local business.  I could have bought that puzzle online from a large company that starts with “A”.  As my family put that puzzle together on New Years eve, I reflected back on the day I went to that store with a friend, had a wonderful conversation with the shop owner, met other customers, got into the holiday spirit and bought that puzzle.  It was much more than just a puzzle.  It was a memory of a special day.  Knowing that my purchase meant something to someone in my community felt really good.

I would also like to encourage you to support Chamber member businesses!  Look for our logo on the doors of local businesses and check out our directory of members.

Happy shopping (local) and have fun!


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