So many resources for your business!

I recently attended a roundtable session organized by the economic development team at the City of Brewer that brought together many of the people and organizations that work with businesses who are just starting up, expanding or relocating.   The room was at max capacity with organizations including the SBA, SBDC, EMDC, CEI, SCORE, UMaine, New Ventures, City of Bangor, Orono, Brewer and more.

As we went around the room and introduced ourselves, we talked about what we do to support and help businesses from business plan assistance, government contracting, financing, networking, relocation, expansion, small business workshops and much more. The one thing we all have in common is that we exist to serve YOU and to help you be successful whether you are starting a new business or expanding an existing one.

Having been involved for many years with these organizations and the great people who work for them, I can tell you that everyone is truly passionate and committed to the work they do.   I also understand that all of these “acronyms” and organizations can be daunting and overwhelming as you go about trying to figure out whom you should be talking to?

The answer:  call us!   Your job is to run your business, our job is to stay on top of the programs and services that exist to help you do that successfully.  We can get you to the right organization and the right person to help you where you are and move you to where you want to be!

Thanks to the City of Brewer for hosting this event that will be held quarterly, so we can stay on top of what is out there for you and be a resource for you as you grow forward!






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