When HR is not your job – but it is!

As a former small business owner and director of several organizations, I can totally “relate” when a member shares their HR challenges with me. Managing your human resources is critical to the success of your organization or business.  Without your “people” you can’t run your business.  Yet the process of hiring, retaining, disciplining, firing, managing payroll, benefits and managing personalities and priorities can be daunting when you are also responsible for every other aspect of your business!   Not to mention, the concern of screwing up: asking an illegal interview questions,  not documenting issues properly, messing up payroll taxes…. ughh!

Unless HR is your “thing” and you are trained in it, it can be really hard to not only do it well, but to find the time to do it well! That is why we are offering you our “HR CONFERENCE” on October 25th.  This event is targeted to those of you who have to do HR in your job or business, but are not HR professionals.

Our expert speakers will cover topics including complying with labor laws, how to ask really good interview questions, new ways to conduct performance reviews, how to improve morale and reduce conflict, how to manage a multi-generational workplace and much more!   We will also provide you with the opportunity to submit your specific questions or concerns to be addressed by a panel of experts.

We hope you find this conference of value to you.  Check out all the details and register here:

In the meantime, here are three lessons I have learned, that may be helpful to you!


You are awesome…but if you are running a small business or organization with a small team, you don’t need another “you”!    I made this mistake when I owned a business.  I hired someone because we “clicked” in the interview process as we were so much alike.  I ended up having to hire another person to bring in the skills we were lacking (that got expensive).   Before you hire, take a step back and consider EVERYTHING it takes to run and grow your business or organization. Identify where you need to focus, what you can outsource and then hire the person with the skills to do the rest of it.  For example, If you are a “big picture, dreamer” you should be looking for a “detail oriented, organizer”  who can take care of all those details you don’t have time for or don’t like to do.


I learned this lesson when I owned a business with one employee and did all the payroll and filings myself and I messed up one number on a tax form!   That number cost me hundreds of dollars in fees and penalties.  After that, I outsourced payroll to the “experts” and I have never looked back!   Payroll services are “experts” at payroll – you are not. Let them help you!   The fees they charge are surprisingly affordable and will save you time, headaches and money!


Another expert to add to your team is a legal expert who specializes in HR.   They can help insure you are complying with the many complex labor laws and answer your HR questions as they come up and be there to protect you if problems arise.   At the very least, be sure to have a HR expert on your advisory board or business team.

For more tips and help:  check out THIS 30 minute HR course for entrepreneurs presented by the Small Business Administration.






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