2234 Hudson Road,
(207) 327-1284

Population: 1,520

Area: 40.3 square miles

Distance to Bangor: 17 miles

Median home price: $149,000

Median household income: $52,426

Fire (non-emergency): (207) 327-2125

RSU 64 School Department: 285-3334

Rhonda Williams,
Superintendent of Schools

Recreation Department: (207) 327-1275

Dean Gray, Director
2234 Hudson Road

Hudson, approximately 15 minutes north of Bangor is also a self-sustaining community with about 1,300 residents. The area offers health and recreation facilities, pulpwood dealers, and contractors, etc.


Incorporated February 25, 1825. Hudson was originally incorporated under the name Kirkland. It was first organized as a plantation in 1824 and at the time, called Jackson. In 1854, townspeople finally settled on a name with some permanence, changing it to Hudson. The Town is situated 15 miles north of the City of Bangor.

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