1 Municipal Way, Orrington
(207) 825-3340

Population: 3,692

Area: 27.33 square miles

Distance to Bangor: 6.3 miles

Median home price: $165,000

Median household income: $55,230

Fire (non-emergency): (207) 825-3530

Police (non-emergency): (207) 825-4178

School Department: (207) 825-3697

Judy Marvin, Principal
19 School Street

Orrington Public Library:
(207) 825-4938
15 School Street,

Located between the communities of Brewer and Bucksport, Orrington also lies nestled along the Penobscot River, with scenic vistas along the major highway.

Incorporated in 1788, the community once included the present City of Brewer and the Town of Holden. There are many acres of parks, trails and llake views.


Incorporated March 21, 1788. Located between the larger communities of Brewer and Bucksport, Orrington lies nestled on the eastern shore of the Penobscot River. Like many of its neighboring communities, the river originally served as a catalyst for the development of its economy, fostering the growth of local shipbuilding and lumbering industries in the nineteenth century. Many of Orrington’s larger older homes were built in this heyday of wood, wind, and water by the ship captains and other industrialists.

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